Welcome to TradCircle! This is a social networking site for people of all ages all over the world to meet each other and make friends who share the same traditional Catholic faith.  TradCircle was conceived of and founded by clergy in 2008 and is currently moderated by a team of laypeople in consultation with and under obedience to that clergy.  

TradCircle is dedicated to the Blessed Trinity and claims Our Lady of the Blessed Trinity as patroness of this site and its members. The Circle is the symbol of the Trinity, Almighty God who is one yet three, whose Three Divine Persons are never alone. They are "the three holiest persons in Heaven," as St. John of the Cross said. The purpose of this website is to encourage isolated Catholics not to be alone, but to associate virtually with other Catholics as well as to help them persevere and grow in the faith, the love of God, and eventually the easier to reach Heaven.  It has also helped some people to meet, court, and get married, though that is not the only purpose of this site.

While there are other Traditional Catholic social networks out there, we are the only one that requires a profile picture, a real first and last name, and a filled-out profile to ensure that those on here are actually interested in being part of a community, not in just "browsing."  We look forward to getting to know you!  Every few months we periodically go through our rolls to make sure that our members are actually active and participating. 

To be clear - Members are expected to be active within a moving 30-day window.  Activity is defined as posting pictures, posting in forums, etc.  Inactive members may be suspended, without warning, with reinstatement possible should they express a wish to be more active on this site.  Profiles may be provisionally approved but will be expected to confirm to all standards within 24 hours.  Membership here is not a right, but a privilege.

Our norms and expectations for modesty and photos on this site are outlined here.

Finally, while we think of ourselves simply as "Catholics" who are observing the moral and liturgical norms as they were set down prior to Vatican II, this website assumes the reality of sedevacantism: a conclusion that since Vatican II and the New "Mass" are harmful to the Catholic faith: they cannot proceed from the Catholic Church and hence cannot be accepted.  While we accept that some people who are on this forum may be on a journey towards sedevacantism, we will not engage in debates as to whether sedevacantism is an acceptable solution to the crisis.  This website accepts that reality and welcomes anyone of good will who is searching for answers.

Please pray three Hail Marys each day for the success of this site and the perseverance of all Catholics in this time of chastisement and betrayal.


Fun vs.Toil

For the most part, America is based on The Protestant Work Ethic. I think it is, in its most basic form, "Work hard and do not take a lot of breaks because idleness leads to sin." Hard work also builds society and capital and keeps things running smoothly.  Looking to the countries in Europe that have more of a Catholic work ethic, there are more "holidays" and siestas. I think that Catholics say, "Work is for man and not man for work." This leaves room for building relationships and seeing…

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42 Replies · Reply by Rhea Luna 1 hour ago

Differences between "Dating" (the world's approach) and "Courtship" (the Catholic approach)

Here are some differences I've seen.  I would be interested to hear from others who would add or subtract some things from these lists. Dating (what we see in the world) 1.  It's about us and what we want. 2.  Family can be involved to whatever extent we decide. 3.  Doesn't necessarily obtain permission from family before pursuing someone. 4.  Focuses on compatibility and feelings first, and on faith second, if at all. 5.  Is willing to date for an indefinite amount of time, with marriage…

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171 Replies · Reply by Wendy Haught 2 hours ago

Seeking Truth

I have grown up with the novus ordo for most of my life, and I see the church more divided than ever. I have attended SSPX masses and the novus ordo "extraordinary" form.When you start to read the old encyclicals, you start to see that what the novus ordo says doesn't exactly line up with tradition.This is a discovery of the faith for me. I have no idea who is really telling the truth. The Sedevacantists make some very strong arguments.SSPX says that the Sedevacantists are the true cult and…

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Favorite Sermons

Hi everyone,  Just wondering if you all have any favorite (favourite) sermons you have links to...  Here's two of mine, "Taking the Last Place" and "Holy Matrimony", both by His Excellency Bishop Sanborn. ("Holy Matrimony" is actually the one he gave at my wedding!) There was one other one he gave recently that was really good but I'm not sure if it was uploaded to the seminary website yet. What are some of your favorite sermons?

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27 Replies · Reply by J. Austin Rowse 16 hours ago

Forum Guidelines -- PLEASE READ

Just as a refresher for everyone, all pictures posted to one's profile must conform to Catholic standards of modesty. Pictures must not be too revealing. What does this mean in the practical order? No sleaveless dresses. No tops so tight as to reveal the form of the upper body. No low cut shirts, or shirts revealing too much of the chest. No skirts or dresses above the knees. And in general, no picture framed or posed in a way that is provocative, even if it conforms to all the guidelines just…

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2 Replies · Reply by Rhea Luna on Saturday

Frequent Flyer Miles for Courtship

This is probably Stephen's area of expertise, but I am wondering if there is a way to set up a Trad Circle bank for frequent flyer miles, to be used only for serious courtship visits--like ones that clergy have approved as possible good matches.  One trip only unless we somehow end up with a fabulous wealth of miles. Thoughts?

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37 Replies · Reply by Jorge Armendariz on Saturday

Holy Days and Fasting when traveling

My understanding is that Holy Days and the days and rules of fasting can be different depending on which country one is in. I was wondering if anyone knows or perhaps a priest can respond as to when traveling does one adapt to the local customs on these matters or follow the customs from where one lives. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless and protect you and the Immaculate Heart of Mary keep you!!!

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Restoration Radio

12.01.14 | Radio Network News | End of Season 3 Notice

DATE: 01 December 2014 SUBJECT: End of Season 3 Notice Dear Restoration Radio Members, Benefactors, and Listeners, We have finally reached the end of our regular broadcast season for the year A.D. 2014. After much transition and an amazing amount of… Continue

Articles from TraditionalMass.org

Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope

A clear and concise survey of the sedevacantist argument, based on the teachings of pre-Vatican II canonists, dogmatic theologians and popes. First published in 1995 as a booklet, and revised in 2006 to address various objections, Traditionalists,… Continue

Modernism Resurrected: Benedict XVI on the Resurrection

The Resurrection: Not the resuscitation of a corpse? An "evolutionary" leap? Not a historical event like Our Lord's birth or crucifixion? St. Luke "contradicts" himself? How Benedict XVI's new book Jesus of Nazareth resurrects modernist teachings… Continue

Benedict Approves Contraception

An in-depth analysis of Benedict XVI's statement on condoms and of the reaction to it conservative Catholic circles. (Most Holy Trinity Seminary Newsletter, January 2011)

Index of Forbidden Books

The Catholic Church's Index of Forbidden Books (last edition: 1948)
By the authority of the Holy See, the Sacred Congregation of the Index has forbidden all Catholics from reading the books on this list. The Index is still in force, as no valid Pope has ever abrogated it.

True Restoration

Apps and the Warehouse

We are still closed but we wanted to share an update.

So, these are by no means finished products, but they are getting there.  Please find our apps for iOS and… Continue

Clerical Initiatives: December 2014

All of us here at TR will be on holiday from Dec 15-Jan 6 but we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of two projects that our clergy are engaging in over the months of December and January.

Bishop Donald Sanborn visits the United… Continue

Member Appreciation Days: December

We are a few days away from the Annual Meeting for the True Restoration ownership group and we wanted to take the opportunity to meet those of you who have become Members.  We will be going to Mass and then breakfast afterwards.  Breakfast is… Continue

St Gertrude the Great Bulletin

Advent IV

Our altar boys take their job very seriously. _________________________________________ Daily Sermons December 5 – Bp. Dolan – Noise and Silence December 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Our Lady’s Inn December 9 – Fr. Lehtoranta – The Seven Martyrs of Samosata… Continue

Advent III

Our altar boys take their job very seriously. _________________________________________ Daily Sermons December 4 – Bp. Dolan – Helping the Priest Preach December 5 – Bp. Dolan – Noise and Silence December 8 – Fr. Lehtoranta – Our Lady’s Inn December… Continue

Advent II

Daily Sermons December 1 – Bp. Dolan – St. Andrew December 2 – Bp. Dolan – St. Vivian December 3 – Fr. Lehtoranta – St. Francis Xavier Preaching to the World December 4 – Bp. Dolan – Helping the Priest Preach December 5 – Bp. Dolan – Noise and… Continue

Advent I

James plays the postlude after the early morning Mass this past Sunday, while some classmates look on. _________________________________________ Daily Sermons November 20 – Bp. Dolan – St. Felix of Valois November 21 – Bp. Dolan – The Presentation… Continue

Mass Cam

Holy Mass Live Online
Both St. Gertrude the Great Church in West Chester, OH, and Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Spokane, WA, offer a free live video feed of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

St. Gertrude broadcasts its Sunday 9am High Mass & 11:25am weekday Mass here: SGG Mass Cam

Our Lady of Guadalupe broadcasts all of its Masses: OLG Mass Cam

SGG is being shepherded by Bp. Daniel Dolan and OLG by Fr. Kevin Vaillancourt.

Bishop Donald Sanborn's Blog

Can we go to the una cum Mass in a pinch?

  *   *   * [Previously published post, now available here]    Many Catholics have come to understand that active participation in a Mass which is una cum, that is, in which the name of the Modernist “pope” or “local bishop” is placed in the canon,… Continue

Francis is not the problem

[Previously published post, now available here]    *   *   *    All are shocked, as I am, by Francis’ approval of adultery and sodomy. In so doing, he has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and has opened a whole new world for the Novus Ordo, a world… Continue


*   *   * [Previously published post, now available here]    An objection has been made to my recent response to Bishop Williamson. It is an objection frequently made against sedevacantists. It objects that sedevacantists cannot criticize the SSPX… Continue

Anti-Modernist Reader

Dear fellow Catholics, I draw your attention today to a project which is important for a better understanding of the Church’s struggle with the Modernist heresy since Vatican II. True Restoration, which is the entity that has diffused throughout the… Continue

Father Anthony Cekada's Quidlibet

What to Do If You Have No Mass

Ten Tips from Bishop Daniel L. Dolan   I AM OFTEN asked, “What should I do if I have no Mass?” First, it is not a sin to miss Mass due to great distance or other serious excusing circumstances. It is a sin, however, to attend the Novus Ordo. It is… Continue

Three Rules to Discern a Heretic

A dynamite two-minute video explains how. by Rev. Anthony Cekada HOW CAN you tell a heretic from a real Catholic? The answer to the question has always been of supreme importance to faithful Catholics confronted with the errors of the post-Vatican… Continue

Bergoglio’s Got Nothing to Lose…

… so the sedevacantist argument must change. by Rev. Anthony Cekada SINCE JORGE MARIO BERGOGLIO’S election in March 2013, I’ve heard from more and more traditional Catholics who are starting to wonder whether sedevacantism might now be the only… Continue

A Hymn to St. Pius V, “Saint of the Mass”

by Rev. Anthony Cekada AS A CHURCH musician and priest who offered the traditional Latin Mass, I always thought it a pity that the pope-saint who promulgated the Missal in 1570 did not seem to have a hymn honoring him. So more than twenty-five years… Continue
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