Welcome to TradCircle! This is a social networking site for people of all ages all over the world to meet each other and make friends who share the same traditional Catholic faith.  TradCircle was conceived of and founded by clergy in 2008 and is currently moderated by a team of laypeople in consultation with and under obedience to that clergy.  

TradCircle is dedicated to the Blessed Trinity and claims Our Lady of the Blessed Trinity as patroness of this site and its members. The Circle is the symbol of the Trinity, Almighty God who is one yet three, whose Three Divine Persons are never alone. They are "the three holiest persons in Heaven," as St. John of the Cross said. The purpose of this website is to encourage isolated Catholics not to be alone, but to associate virtually with other Catholics as well as to help them persevere and grow in the faith, the love of God, and eventually the easier to reach Heaven.  It has also helped some people to meet, court, and get married, though that is not the only purpose of this site.

While there are other Traditional Catholic social networks out there, we are the only one that requires a profile picture of yourself, a real first and last name, and a filled-out profile to ensure that those on here are actually interested in being part of a community, not in just "browsing."  We look forward to getting to know you!  Every few months we periodically go through our rolls to make sure that our members are actually active and participating. 

To be clear - Members are expected to be active within a moving 30-day window.  Activity is defined as posting pictures, posting in forums, etc.  Inactive members may be suspended, without warning, with reinstatement possible should they express a wish to be more active on this site.  Profiles may be provisionally approved but will be expected to confirm to all standards within 24 hours.  Membership here is not a right, but a privilege.

Our norms and expectations for modesty and photos on this site are outlined here.

Finally, while we think of ourselves simply as "Catholics" who are observing the moral and liturgical norms as they were set down prior to Vatican II, this website assumes the reality of sedevacantism: a conclusion that since Vatican II and the New "Mass" are harmful to the Catholic faith: they cannot proceed from the Catholic Church and hence cannot be accepted.  While we accept that some people who are on this forum may be on a journey towards sedevacantism, we will not engage in debates as to whether sedevacantism is an acceptable solution to the crisis.  This website accepts that reality and welcomes anyone of good will who is searching for answers.

Please pray three Hail Marys each day for the success of this site and the perseverance of all Catholics in this time of chastisement and betrayal.


Irish Dancing

Does anyone here know anything about Irish dancing? I'm trying to convince myself that I have time to get into it. I was told it was started by priests and that this gave rise to the distinctive "hands off" style. It looks like a tremendous amount of a fun and a great way to socialize.

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47 Replies · Reply by Niki McGinnis 13 minutes ago

Fatima Conference in Spokane, Oct 7-12

After several years of wanting to go to the annual Fatima Conference held by CMRI at Mt. Saint Michael's in Spokane, Washington, this year I finally have the combination of the time off and the expendable income to actually attend. I was wondering if anyone else is going or has gone in the past? What are your reflections or opinions of the Conference? What are your experiences while you were there? Do you have any stories to tell or any suggestions of things to see and do while there? Thank you…

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19 Replies · Reply by David Ellis 2 hours ago

Bishop Donald Sanborn to visit Australia!

Just posting this in case there is anyone in the Australasian Region who could make it to Melbourne or Brisbane in the New Year. Next week I will post a link to a website promoting His Lordship's visit, which will list the program for his seminars etc. This is a very exciting prospect for those of us who live in the Southern Hemisphere without Churches or resident clergy....let alone a Bishop! So please check back here from time to time to read any updates! Ok...here is the "official' Website!…

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31 Replies · Reply by Larissa 10 hours ago

Pokémon GO

The mobile game, Pokémon GO, has taken the world by storm. The game involves users traveling to certain destinations in real life to  capture virtual Pokémon. You can read more about the game mechanics in the Gameplay section on this page. It is phenomenal how many people I see with this app open on their phone - not to mention the stories I hear of people traveling far and wide solely to capture Pokémon. And obviously, due to its popularity since release, it has taken over the internet. I'd be…

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54 Replies · Reply by Larissa on Monday

Temperament Opposites

I'm reading Personality Plus at Work and it claims: "Sanguines and Melancholics are opposites - you can be one or the other, not both. Cholerics and Phlegmatics are opposites - you can be one or the other, not both." However, I always thought there can be combinations of any 2 dominant temperaments and that it's just more rare for the "opposite" ones to be combined. E.g. Choleric-Phlegmatics exist, but it's more rare. This source seems to support this view:…

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11 Replies · Reply by Kamil Bajdak on Sunday

Annual Patron Saint 2017

Praised be Jesus and Mary!It's that time of year again, Let me know if you're interested in taking part in this wonderful devotion! Here's an exerpt from my friends email:This year’s Annual Patron Saints (12th year) are Royals, in honour of upholding and restoring the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King!Please advise us soon with the names of participants, all are welcome.We will reply with the Saint who“chose you” for 2017.This private devotion of your year-long Patron Saint can…

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17 Replies · Reply by Larissa on Sunday

Daring to Date

This may seem like a strange subject for discussion, but after several years' active membership on this site following multiple "dating" and "courtship" and "getting to know people" threads, I'm still not seeing much improvement in how people actually go about finding a spouse. I hear the same complaints (and I'm not exempt from making them, either) but no good strategies. Therefore, as a single woman with several siblings, numerous friends (especially single females), and wide acquaintance…

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175 Replies · Reply by Niki McGinnis on Friday

Anyone want to chat yet?

I've tried this a few times before, but so far I've only ever managed to talk to one person from here.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to get to know others on here better!  So, who wants to chat?  I'm just talking about text chat for the moment, although of course we could organise voice or video chat from there if there's enough interest. It's obvious we're never going to get an official chatroom here so I'm taking the initiative.  If someone can find a free web chatroom that…

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55 Replies · Reply by Siobhán Ní Mhaoildhia on Friday

Daily Sacred Scripture

It is amazing that I have not yet seen a discussion like this started. Even Facebook has this one. Anyhow, if someone wants to join, all one has to do is add a piece of Sacred Scripture each day. Whether it is your favorite or enlightening, just add a Scripture for the Lord's sake. First one: "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matt. 16:18). 

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166 Replies · Reply by David Dietrich on Friday

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