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TradCircle is dedicated to the Blessed Trinity and claims Our Lady of the Blessed Trinity as patroness of this site and its members. The Circle is the symbol of the Trinity, Almighty God who is one yet three, whose Three Divine Persons are never alone. They are "the three holiest persons in Heaven," as St. John of the Cross said. The purpose of this website is to encourage isolated Catholics not to be alone, but to associate virtually with other Catholics as well as to help them persevere and grow in the faith, the love of God, and eventually the easier to reach Heaven.  It has also helped some people to meet, court, and get married, though that is not the only purpose of this site.

While there are other Traditional Catholic social networks out there, we are the only one that requires a profile picture, a real first and last name, and a filled-out profile to ensure that those on here are actually interested in being part of a community, not in just "browsing."  We look forward to getting to know you!  Every few months we periodically go through our rolls to make sure that our members are actually active and participating. 

To be clear - Members are expected to be active within a moving 30-day window.  Activity is defined as posting pictures, posting in forums, etc.  Inactive members may be suspended, without warning, with reinstatement possible should they express a wish to be more active on this site.  Profiles may be provisionally approved but will be expected to confirm to all standards within 24 hours.  Membership here is not a right, but a privilege.

Our norms and expectations for modesty and photos on this site are outlined here.

Finally, while we think of ourselves simply as "Catholics" who are observing the moral and liturgical norms as they were set down prior to Vatican II, this website assumes the reality of sedevacantism: a conclusion that since Vatican II and the New "Mass" are harmful to the Catholic faith: they cannot proceed from the Catholic Church and hence cannot be accepted.  While we accept that some people who are on this forum may be on a journey towards sedevacantism, we will not engage in debates as to whether sedevacantism is an acceptable solution to the crisis.  This website accepts that reality and welcomes anyone of good will who is searching for answers.

Please pray three Hail Marys each day for the success of this site and the perseverance of all Catholics in this time of chastisement and betrayal.


Reconciling with prostestant family and funerals

After Mass I saw a letter from Fr Cekada that was sent to the novus ordian son of a long time SGG parishner. It was great. I need to give a copy to my parents. Unfortunately I am the only Catholic in my entire family. I'm afraid that if I died my parents or even sister might do the unthinkable. That son saw fit to have his Catholic mother recieve a novus ordo funeral.  It's scary.

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14 Replies · Reply by Elizabeth Gunsher 11 hours ago

Keeping Catholic culture in the home

I wasn't raised traditional Catholic and I find it difficult to inculcate Catholic culture in my children and home life on a daily basis, as in the little things.  In some ways I feel like religion is categorized into specific moments (i.e. prayer times), but outside of that.... For those traditional cradle Catholics out there, does anything come to mind from when you were a child that kept the Faith alive for you from day to day?

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9 Replies · Reply by Colleen Eldracher 14 hours ago

Fr. Cekada's book "Work Of Human Hands"

I just received my copy, which I ordered directly from St. Gertrude's a week or so ago. Wow. No detail is too small, no fact is ignored in his tracing of how the Novus Ordo Mass came to be. It's a book of history, theology, and philosophy - but is presented so that anyone can follow it. For anyone who has N.O. friends or family, and those people say "I know there are faults, but it is the Catholic Church" - encourage them to read this book, in their own time. Fr. Cekada, with complete…

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20 Replies · Reply by Niki McGinnis yesterday


I think I've already posted a half-dozen times on here railing against the television, so I want to talk about fun things that you can do OTHER THAN the typical entertainments offered by modern society.   I am a big fan of board games. They are lots of fun and offer a great opportunity for social interaction while you're having that fun. They're great for a rainy day or half the year in Canada and you can drink and smoke while playing them.   For those who enjoy board games, what games do you…

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31 Replies · Reply by Billy Young on Monday

Reactions to October 13 Synod Mid-Way Report: Atheists & Novus Ordos

Most are probably now aware of that evil document released by the Synod yesterday. What I find fascinating is that not one but two atheists at work initiated a discussion with me on it, at two separate times independently of the other. I did not even know they took an interest in such things. One is a self-described "secular humanist" and the other is a Lutheran turned atheistic Buddhist. They've both known for about a year that I am a sedevacantist, and they both recognized in the Synod midway…

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12 Replies · Reply by Maria Casole on Sunday

Catholic Movies

What are some good Catholic movies?  Its getting harder all the time to find  decent Catholic movies for the most part.  Some good ones that I've watched are The Cardinal (1963), For Greater Glory, and The Mission.  Any recommendations on other good Catholic movies?

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16 Replies · Reply by Maria Casole on Sunday

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