Welcome to TradCircle! This is a social networking site for people of all ages all over the world to meet each other and make friends who share the same traditional Catholic faith.  TradCircle was conceived of and founded by clergy in 2008 and is currently moderated by a team of laypeople in consultation with and under obedience to that clergy.  

TradCircle is dedicated to the Blessed Trinity and claims Our Lady of the Blessed Trinity as patroness of this site and its members. The Circle is the symbol of the Trinity, Almighty God who is one yet three, whose Three Divine Persons are never alone. They are "the three holiest persons in Heaven," as St. John of the Cross said. The purpose of this website is to encourage isolated Catholics not to be alone, but to associate virtually with other Catholics as well as to help them persevere and grow in the faith, the love of God, and eventually the easier to reach Heaven.  It has also helped some people to meet, court, and get married, though that is not the only purpose of this site.

While there are other Traditional Catholic social networks out there, we are the only one that requires a profile picture of yourself, a real first and last name, and a filled-out profile to ensure that those on here are actually interested in being part of a community, not in just "browsing."  We look forward to getting to know you!  Every few months we periodically go through our rolls to make sure that our members are actually active and participating. 

To be clear - Members are expected to be active within a moving 30-day window.  Activity is defined as posting pictures, posting in forums, etc.  Inactive members may be suspended, without warning, with reinstatement possible should they express a wish to be more active on this site.  Profiles may be provisionally approved but will be expected to confirm to all standards within 24 hours.  Membership here is not a right, but a privilege.

Our norms and expectations for modesty and photos on this site are outlined here.

Finally, while we think of ourselves simply as "Catholics" who are observing the moral and liturgical norms as they were set down prior to Vatican II, this website assumes the reality of sedevacantism: a conclusion that since Vatican II and the New "Mass" are harmful to the Catholic faith: they cannot proceed from the Catholic Church and hence cannot be accepted.  While we accept that some people who are on this forum may be on a journey towards sedevacantism, we will not engage in debates as to whether sedevacantism is an acceptable solution to the crisis.  This website accepts that reality and welcomes anyone of good will who is searching for answers.

Please pray three Hail Marys each day for the success of this site and the perseverance of all Catholics in this time of chastisement and betrayal.


Discerning God’s Will

Discerning the will of God could be tricky, even for the saints. Consider:St. Anthony of Padua (1195 – 1231)Inspired by five Franciscans that had been beheaded in Morocco, he left the Canons Regular of the Abbey of Santa Cruz in Coimbra to become a Franciscan and set out for Morocco to be martyred, too. However, he fell seriously ill in Morocco and set sail back for Portugal in hope of regaining his health. On the return voyage, the ship was blown off course and landed in Sicily. From Sicily,…

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4 Replies · Reply by Kasondra Nov 1


After searching previous posts I was surprised at not finding one on this issue. Being someone who has dealt with this and knowing firsthand how much of a Cross it can be, I want to share this article with all of you, especially with my fellow melancholics, since we seem to be more prone to this than others. I saw an article on scruples a while back by Fr. Cekada, but in my opinion this one goes into a bit more detail. This is of course NOT A CURE for the sickness(only obedience to your…

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31 Replies · Reply by Chris Radford Nov 1

Catholic Action Opportunity Oct. 17

Hi Cincinnati Folks,Found out from a friend that "Bishop" Athanasius Schneider, the famous neotrad, is going to be doing a speaking event and a solemn high mess in Cincinnati next week.Anyone up for some picketing?  A few years ago a small group of sedes picketed the infamous "Cardinal" Maradiaga when he came to Cincy, and ended up on the local news: https://t.co/GRyaOIucBrThey carried signs and made little papers to pass out which contained a masked web site address to the Novus Ordo Watch…

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6 Replies · Reply by Chris Radford Nov 1

“The Two Sister Lucias”

I was just wondering what members’ views are on the suggestion that there were two Sister Lucia’s and that the one who died in 2005 was not the “real one” who was one of the 3 Fatima prophets. I am a believer in Fatima 100% but have to admit there are some aspects of the theory that could fit and it would certainly not be outside the general V2 mess that has occurred. I imagine people have seen the new attempt to raise $10k to have the theory fully investigated. Is it just too incredible to be…

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24 Replies · Reply by Charles Izunwanne Oct 27

"Infiltration" by Taylor Marshall...?

Hello everybody. Apologies I've been missing for some time. Had a few health issues and still have a slightly scary one pending firm diagnosis and treatment (so all prayers appreciated for a clear outcome!), but I was wondering if anybody else has read the recent book by Taylor Marshall - "Infiltration"? Whilst I imagine few if any here hold to his R&R stance (and I think he is missing the more obvious conclusion regarding sedevacantism for example), I found myself in agreement with the general…

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1 Reply · Reply by Chris Radford Oct 20

Mini-YAG for Oct. 25-27 Weekend

Hi Folks,The weekend of Oct. 25-27 also happens to host the 40 Hours Devotions, so it's a good chance to get in some quality time with the Blessed Sacrament and also to spend some time with your Catholic friends.The group shouldn't be too hard to find - we'll be at SGG for the ceremonies if you want to catch us.  Everyone will pay/transport/accommodate themselves, so be prepared.Hope to see at least a few of you!*****************************************************************Friday, Oct.…

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St Gertrude the Great Bulletin

Mass Cam

Holy Mass Live Online
St. Gertrude the Great Church in West Chester, OH offers a free live video feed of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

St. Gertrude broadcasts its Sunday 9am High Mass & 11:25am weekday Mass here: SGG Mass Cam

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Articles from TraditionalMass.org

Vatican II is Obligatory

Despite what Christopher Ferrara and SSPX types claim, if you believe Paul VI was a true pope, Vatican II is indeed obligatory. And you can't use Vincent of Lerins to turn the magisterium into the doctrinal equivalent of Country Buffet. (Internet,… Continue

Traditionalists, Infallibility and the Pope

A clear and concise survey of the sedevacantist argument, based on the teachings of pre-Vatican II canonists, dogmatic theologians and popes. First published in 1995 as a booklet, and revised in 2006 to address various objections, Traditionalists,… Continue

Modernism Resurrected: Benedict XVI on the Resurrection

The Resurrection: Not the resuscitation of a corpse? An "evolutionary" leap? Not a historical event like Our Lord's birth or crucifixion? St. Luke "contradicts" himself? How Benedict XVI's new book Jesus of Nazareth resurrects modernist teachings… Continue

Benedict Approves Contraception

An in-depth analysis of Benedict XVI's statement on condoms and of the reaction to it conservative Catholic circles. (Most Holy Trinity Seminary Newsletter, January 2011)

Bishop Donald Sanborn's Blog

Destroying the papacy in order to save Bergoglio

[Taken from the September issue of the MHT Seminary Newsletter] In a recent speech, reported by the website wherepeteris, Cardinal Burke proposed yet another episode of his curious manner of dealing with the heresies of Bergoglio. He spoke about the… Continue

No fossil record

[Taken from the September issue of the MHT Seminary Newsletter] Recently a noted computer scientist at Yale University, by the name of David Gelernter, came out against Darwinism. He said that the fossil evidence just was not there to support it. He… Continue

Communist America

Just when you thought that you heard everything, a new shock came to light in July. America magazine, the publication of the Jesuit order in the United States, actually published an article advocating communism — yes, communism. The title of the… Continue

Father Anthony Cekada's Quidlibet

Papa Pachamama’s Profession of the Modernist Heresy

“ALL THE Gods of the heathens are demons,” says Psalm 95 — but that didn’t stop Jorge Mario Bergoglio from sponsoring pagan idol worship of the Amazonian earth goddess, the Pachamama, in the Vatican gardens on October 4. Nor did it stop him, during… Continue

The Italian Edition of “Work of Human Hands”

THIS NOVEMBER 30 marks the 50th anniversary of the Sunday in 1969 that Paul VI designated as the obligatory date for celebrating his New Mass; the following month this year is the tenth anniversary for me completing the manuscript Work of Human… Continue

Talking Sedevacantism with an SSPX Lay Kahuna

Father: Even though I’ve figured out that sedevacantism is the only possible theological explanation for Bergoglio and the whole Vatican II mess, I still have a lot of friends and acquaintances in SSPX circles. Word of my change of position has… Continue

The Remnant’s Latest: The Blathering of the Clams

  RECENTLY I received a letter urging traditional Catholics to circulate a video produced by the R&R publication The Remnant, and calling for the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) and the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) to “unite in battle against our… Continue

Index of Forbidden Books

The Catholic Church's Index of Forbidden Books (last edition: 1948)
By the authority of the Holy See, the Sacred Congregation of the Index has forbidden all Catholics from reading the books on this list. The Index is still in force, as no valid Pope has ever abrogated it.

St Gertrude the Great Sermons

Most Holy Trinity Seminary Sermons and Podcasts

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